Product Information

1. What is Foodcube all about?
See our Foodcube introduction video here

2. Is the plastic safe for growing food?
Yes it is.  Foodcubes are made from food grade poly propylene soft plastic. We use 80% recycled content sourced from the confectionery industry.

The plastic has been independently tested and contains no heavy metals or other contaminants.

The remaining 20% is food grade virgin plastic

3. Where are Foodcubes made?
Foodcubes are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

4. How are the dimensions of a Foodcube and Foodcube Slim?
Foodcube - 1150mm (L) x 1150mm (W) x 500mm (H)
Foodcube Slim - 1150mm (L) x 670mm (W) x 500mm (H)

5. How much does a Foodcube and Foodcube Slim weigh?
Foodcube - 28kg empty / 400kg full
Foodcube Slim - 18kg empty / 175kg full

 6. How big are the water reservoirs for the Foodcubes?

Foodcube - 110L water reservoir
Foodcube Slim - 74L water reservoir

7. How much potting mix fills a Foodcube?
Foodcube - 330L of potting mix
Foodcube Slim - 150L of potting mix

8. Can Foodcubes be set up in a modular layout?
Yes.  The Corner Connector allows Foodcubes to be set up at right angles and enables connection of the water reservoirs which means you retain a single watering point. This results in the ability to set up your Foodcubes in varying designs including U-shape or L-shape.


Online Ordering

1. I've placed my order online and paid for it, but I need to add or remove something.  What do I do?
Please contact us on 03 9786 7254 within 24 hours and we'll be happy to make any necessary adjustments.

2. What does Backorder mean?
Backorder indicates we are out of stock and will dispatch your products as soon as they are back in stock. 

3. How long will it take to receive my product?
Your order will be dispatched within 3-5 business days.

4. Can I pick up my order to save on freight charges?
Yes you can. Simply select 'Click and Collect' in the Shopping Cart.

5. When can I pick up my Click and Collect order?
Our preferred collection days are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm.  If you need to collect on a different day, please contact us on 03 9786 7254 to discuss your requirements.

6. Will you deliver my entire order in one delivery?
We dispatch from two separate locations.  Depending on what you have ordered, we may dispatch from one or both locations.  You will receive tracking advice via email to enable you to track your deliveries.

7. Which Transport company do you use to deliver your products?
We use a variety of reputable transport providers to ensure we get you the best freight cost.  Once your order has been dispatched from Biofilta, the transport provider takes full responsibility in ensuring your order is delivered.

8. My tracking advice is showing partial delivery.  What does this mean?
Partial delivery indicates that you have not received all the boxes pertaining to your delivery.  Another delivery will take place to bring the remaining boxes to you. 

9. My tracking advice is not showing updates.  How do I track my order?
Unfortunately, there are a handful of transport providers that do not provide regular updates on the progress of deliveries.  If your tracking advice does not show any updates, please contact us on 03 9786 7254 and we will be happy to source an update on your behalf.

10. Can I return a product?
Unfortunately we don't accept returns unless the product is damaged or faulty.


1. Where can I find the instructions to install my Foodcube?
Please click here for our full instruction guide and useful videos.

2. Does the ground need to be level to install a Foodcube?
To get the optimal wicking performance, your Foodcube should be installed on level ground.

3. How many bags of soil do I need?
Foodcube - 11 x 30L bags (330L)
Foodcube Slim - 5 x 30L bags (150L)

4. Is there anything specific I need to know before I put the soil in and start planting?
Before filling a Foodcube or Foodcube Slim with soil it is important to conduct a water test prior, to establish if there are any leaks.  There are only a few places where a leak generally occurs as the tubs are made in one piece.

Common causes of leaks include:

  • Backnut not tightened enough
  • Large O ring not installed
  • Small O rings pinched when inserting level setter into outlet
  • Level setting tube thread not screwed in tight or does not have plumbing tape applied
  • Joining tube clamp not tightened enough

    If a leak is detected, ensure the back nut has been screwed as tight as it will go.  Sometimes it just needs that extra bit of 'oomph' to ensure it is as tight as possible.  If leaking persists, there may be a problem with the assembly of the level setter.  Pull the level setter out of the outlet to check that the two level setter seals are sitting in the grooves.  If the level setter is not lubricated sufficiently prior to pushing it in to the outlet, the seals can slip out of place, causing the leak.  Reassemble and conduct water test again. 

    If you still have a leak, take a picture and email to hello@biofilta.com.au and we will review and respond.

    5. Where should my level setter be positioned?
    This will depend on your location.  In warm to hot climates, your level setter should generally be positioned at the upright (12 o’clock) position. Water once a week until the outlet overflows and the plants will have enough water for at least a week. Monitor the water level by flipping up the air vent lid and checking the water level. If the water level is more than 20mm below the tray, add water to the reservoir.

    The system will still be wicking water to the plants while there is water in the reservoir, however this will graduate depending on the level of the water, temperature and wicking mix. Generally, water will wick up a maximum of 300mm from the water surface.


    6. Can I add a netting system to existing connected Foodcubes?
    You will receive the appropriate netting hooks with every net purchased from Biofilta however if your Foodcubes or Foodcube Slims are already connected to each other you will not be able to install the net hooks in the appropriate position where the Foodcubes are joined unless you undertake the huge task of separating them and reconnecting. 

    A simple solution is purchasing our white netting clips from our spare parts range.  Simply sit the white net clip on top of the blanking clip where the Foodcubes are connected and drill a screw in to secure it.  These will allow the netting to be secured on all sides of the Foodcube.

    7. I can't get the 'Outlet' to push through the Foodcube/Slim hole?
    At times, plastic burrs around the outlet hole cause difficulty in fitting the Outlet correctly.  If the Outlet does not fit easily into the outlet hole, try removing any burrs around the hole by trimming carefully with a Stanley knife and tapping the Outlet into the hole with a rubber mallet.


    Growing Tips

    1. What can I grow in a Foodcube?
    Check out our Growing Guides here.

    2. How much food can I grow in a Foodcube or Foodcube Slim?
    Foodcubes can produce approximately 20kgs per annum of leafy greens and the Foodcube Slim can produce approximately 10kgs per annum depending on the crop type.

    3. How often should I change the soil in my Foodcube?
    It is recommended that you refresh your potting mix by adding more nutrients from organic compost, worm castings or slow release fertilisers after each growing season. You may need to also add some more potting mix to fill to the top level. To remove the potting mix, we recommend you place a tarp on the ground to allow mixing of fresh media. You may need to top up your potting mix after each harvest as volume is lost due to settlement and plant root mass.

    Liquid fertilizer is great to use during fruiting stages to boost growth. This is best applied to the leaves and not directly into the water reservoir.

    If growth is not still not vigorous, you may need to get a soil test to determine what nutrients have been used up and need to be replaced.

    If you simply want to start fresh, spread the exhausted potting mix into a compost heap or into garden beds, or top dress lawns and replace with new Wicking Mix to start again.


    Tips and Tricks

    1. How do I fix a leak in my existing Foodcube?
    If your existing Foodcube has started to leak, check the tightness of the back nut and or coupling if applicable.  Changes in temperature can cause the plastic to expand and contract resulting in the need to re-tighten.  Please contact us on 03 9786 7254 if the problem persists.

    2. The water in my reservoir is smelly.  What can I do?
    Smelly water in the reservoir can be caused by anaerobic bacteria breaking down organic matter in the absence of oxygen.  If it smells like rotten eggs, it is typically hydrogen sulfide, a natural by-product of this process.

    We recommend that you use the Biofilta Wicking Mix as it has been formulated to minimise bad odour with its high porosity and balanced nutrient levels.

    Prolonged water levels above the wicking tray will prevent the aeration of the wicking mix and may cause smelly water. We recommend that the Foodcube is filled and then allowed to draw down to below the tray level to enable aeration.

    If the smell persists, empty the Foodcube reservoir by turning the water level setter to the lowest position and flush with a top water. This will flush the anaerobic material out.  Refill the Foodcube water reservoir and allow the water to draw down and aerate periodically.