Kensington Stockyard Food Garden

Kensington Stockyard Food Garden

Kensington Stockyard Food Garden is an inspirational community run urban farm in Kensington, inner city Melbourne, growing food for the communities most needy. This project is supported by City of Melbourne and Moving Feast Victoria and an engaged group of volunteer gardeners. It is great example of retrofitting a city space with food growing systems that create food, community, biodiversity, exercise and many other benefits.

Heritage values on the site meant that the garden needed to be perched on the bluestone pavers, so the Melbourne designed and manufactured, water efficient, ergonomic Biofilta advanced wicking beds were an obvious choice for an extension to this thriving garden.

​Nina Ceddia runs the Kensington Stockyard Community Garden. We sat down with her for a chat about the history of the site, her vision for the space and her relationship with growing food. We were blown away by her generosity, enthusiasm and her breadth of knowledge.

​Cities have all the ingredients to create abundant urban farms – organic streams to create compost, rainwater runoff, and lots of space if we take the time to look. Kensington Stockyard Food Garden is an inspirational project that Biofilta is proud to support with our water efficient, urban farming system.

Anyone looking to learn about gardening, Melbourne’s history or if you just want to get involved in an amazing community project, look no further. Big shout out to the City of Melbourne, Moving Feast Vic and everyone else who is collaborating on this project. We can’t wait to check in on this garden and see it’s progress. With any luck Kensington Stockyard will continue to grow, expand and promote locally grown food!

​Check it out in the video.

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