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Frankston City Council

Frankston City Council supports local businesses

A recent collaboration between Biofilta Pty Ltd and the Frankston City Council has completed a huge win for the local businesses, the community and the environment.
The Foodcube is made using recycled plastic (previously, food grade polypropylene) and holds 110lt of water in the base of the unit to provide nutrients to the plants as they require. Not only is the Foodcube diverting plastic waste from landfill but it provides up to 30kg of produce per year from each Foodcube which assists with providing families in need with fresh produce.

Frankston City Council engaged 19 x Foodcubes late last year (2020) after searching for sustainable solutions from local manufacturing businesses and were able to bring their project to life within a short period of time to have local businesses and the community accessing the completed area just before Christmas.

A Foodcube is injection moulded in Seaford, Victoria and can be made in 4 mins using our manufacturing capabilities – this enabled Frankston City Council to bring this project to life without much distraction to traffic in the area and just in time to have dining available for the small businesses in the area.
These Foodcubes have been clad using the Biofilta designed cladding panels and a UV protected vinyl wrap which finishes the Foodcube with the selected aesthetic.

As the Foodcube is versatile and has built in fork access, it enables the Foodcube to be moved at a later stage to create a potential ‘eat street’ for the Frankston City Council.

Frankston City Council

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