Coast residence, Cape Paterson

Coast residence, Cape Paterson

Biofilta and The Sustainable Landscape Company have combined to design and install this highly efficient urban farm at the benchmark sustainable Coast residence at the Cape sustainable estate at Cape Paterson. Coast was recently judged as one of the top 10 sustainable homes in Victoria by the Herald Sun.

The Biofilta urban farm at Coast contains 23 Foodcubes, and can produce over half a tonne of fresh produce per annum for this household and the community. The farm also includes a two bay compost system that allows the home to divert almost all organic waste from the household and garden away from landfill and back into urban food production.

In addition the home captures 100% of rooftop rainwater from the home into a 10,000 litre rainwater which overflows directly into the farm, because the whole Foodcube farm is joined together via connecting pipework and connected to the water tank. The result is that the urban farm itself acts as an additional water tank holding an additional 3000 litre of rainwater in the base of the Foodcubes. Around 30% of the homes at the Cape estate have adopted Foodcube as their preferred food growing system.

See more information about this benchmark home in this film. In addition here are some other images of Coast residence as well as other homes at the Cape that have been using Foodcubes as their food growing system.

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