Chelsea Heights Community Garden

Chelsea Heights Community Garden

The Chelsea Heights Community Garden have been providing the community with a safe place to access plots of land to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs since 2009.

Anyone from the young to the young at heart are welcome to join the group to share the joy of growing together and learn how to become more self-sufficient.

Densification of the local area is seeing a surge in demand for land plots to grow food.

In 2021, the low timber garden beds were upgraded to 16 Foodcube units raised on a platform for no-bend gardening and beautifully finished in timber by one of our favourite installers, Urban Food Revolution.

It was fantastic to meet a well organised, friendly group of gardeners who were embracing the benefits of the self-watering, advanced wicking beds as the perfect planters for their garden.  Water efficiency was a major drawcard for the Foodcube as the site is limited by available tank water supply fed from the adjacent Community Centre’s roof.  Bottom-up watering with the advanced wicking system reduces water consumption and doesn’t waste the precious water resources available.

Keeping garden beds watered in hot weather is a time-consuming chore for most gardeners and the Foodcube system is helping to save hours of time and effort by filling from one point and then letting the wicking system do the work.

A key consideration for everything the Group does is sustainability.  From locally made compost helping nurture the plants and reduce green waste, to the choice of wicking bed made from 80% recycled plastic, the Foodcube fits the ethos of the Community Garden’s ethos perfectly.

Information workshops are regularly held on site and future events will now be explaining to new members, the benefits of sustainable urban agriculture with environmentally sensitive practices.

Membership and a plot costs only $60 per year with the friendship and community spirit priceless.

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