Tiny home with Foodcubes demonstrating sustainable living in St Kilda

Tiny home with Foodcubes demonstrating sustainable living in St Kilda

We are always excited to work with sustainability innovators and Elle Paton definitely falls into that category. Elle is passionate about tiny homes. She is one of the founders of Tiny, a non-profit organisation dedicated to proving the viability of tiny homes as a housing alternative in Australia.

She isn’t only talking the talk, she is walking the walk.

Elle lives in her very own tiny home in St Kilda. The tiny home on wheels was the first to be granted pre approval for long term occupancy  in an urban environment in Australia. Tiny homes have many benefits. They are less demanding on the environment than larger homes with less materials required for the build and less space to heat and cool. They are also transportable and significantly cheaper than ordinary houses which makes them a compelling solution to problems like housing insecurity and affordability.

Elle moved in her tiny home in St Kilda at the start of this year and installed 4 Foodcube wicking beds to provide fresh food at arm’s length from the household. For Elle, growing food is one of many steps people and communities can take to reduce their impact on the environment. 

“The only problem that I’ve had with the Foodcube is that we’ve grown so much food that we can’t eat it all for ourselves. Fortunately we’ve been able to give lots of the produce away to people in the community. In that sense we’ve been able to support our local community despite being in lock-down for much of this year.” 

Elle is also in the process of building a community garden on the vacant land that she was donated. While the lock-down has slowed progress, she can’t wait to create a space that brings the community together to grow food and learn about real ways to live sustainably and well.

Stay tuned for more on this project. 

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