Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Receives 40 New Wicking Beds

Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Receives 40 New Wicking Beds

Biofilta visited Kensington Stockyard Food Garden (KSFGI) where we recently installed 40 Foodcube wicking beds. The community garden is guided by the principles of permaculture and aims to grow an abundance of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs and to increase local biodiversity, while providing a vibrant meeting place for the people of Kensington.

The Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Inc (KSFGI) was established in early June 2018 in the old Newmarket Saleyards Heritage site with 28 garden beds as a pilot project. The City of Melbourne provided funding for an open shared community food growing space where locals could participate in a safe and inclusive environment, to promote healthier living, allow for greater community involvement, provide opportunity for those that wish to learn more about plant food and a place for locals to come together and be part of a community.

Nina Ceddia runs the community garden and is passionate about growing food, bringing people together and supporting the local community.

Nina – “The garden operates under a shared model whereby all registered members have access to the fresh produce. Kensington Stockyard Food Garden also provides a set volume of fresh produce to Moving Feast and a local Kensington food program that distributes the produce to the wider community in need.”

After the success of the pilot program Biofilta has assisted with expanding the garden by installing 40 Foodcubes. The site is heritage listed so digging garden beds is not an option. This makes Biofilta’s wicking beds an ideal alternative.

Nina – “Firstly, they are made from recycled materials and we practice organic and sustainable principles. Secondly, they can be interconnected which reduces the amount of time required to stand and hold hoses leaving more time for other garden activities. Thirdly, they have had glowing reviews on their performance with regard to water efficiency and volume of food production that can be grown in one cube.“

Biofilta will be back at Kensington Stockyard Food Garden later in the year to check on the progress of the garden. We can’t wait to see the garden pumping with produce and food being harvested for the local community.

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