Grow Your Wellbeing Webinar

Grow Your Wellbeing Webinar

Biofilta Co-Director Brendan Condon joined sustainability expert Dominique Hes to present to an online forum in Sydney on the opportunities and benefits of urban greening and urban farming in our cities. A big thanks to Owners Corporation Network (OCN) , City of Sydney and Willow Alliento for organising the forum. 

With most of us spending more time at home, finding ways to support our wellbeing is essential.  We looked at how plants can make our homes and ourselves healthier – including ways indoor plants can be beneficial and how you can grow fresh produce and herbs on a windowsill, wall, balcony, patio or in common garden areas.

OCN was delighted to have two leading experts in the benefits of urban greening presenting to give you insights into how plants improve air quality, reduce stress levels, support our immune system and help us flourish. They will also share some tips for creating an urban oasis at your place. This event is brought to you with support from the City of Sydney.



Dr Dominque Hes Dominque is Chair of the board of Greenfleet, and a leading regenerative development thinker, educator, author and researcher. Previously founding board member of the Living Futures Institute of Australia and former head of the Melbourne University Thrive Hub, Dominique also co-developed an app, Plant Life Balance, that helps users discover the optimum number and species of plants to make indoor spaces healthier.

Brendan Condon Brendan is Managing Director of ecosystems restoration company Australian Ecosystems, co-founder of Melbourne SkyFarm, founder of net-zero community The Cape at Cape Paterson in Victoria and Director of Biofilta, which designs and manufactures innovative, water-efficient urban agricultural systems including wall planters and raised beds.

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