Gardening Australia visits Biofilta car park urban farm

Gardening Australia visits Biofilta car park urban farm

Biofilta wicking beds feature on Gardening Australia

​Back in June we were lucky enough to have Paul West from Gardening Australia visit our pop-up city farm in Port Melbourne to film a segment for Gardening Australia. It was a great day of filming which ended with Paul cooking up some delicious pizza’s in our pizza oven using ingredients from the garden.

The segment talks about our target to grow 150kgs of fresh produce (UN recommended annual diet for one healthy human) out of one parking space and how we were able to smash that target in under 6 months. It features our advanced wicking garden beds and highlights our efforts to divert urban waste streams by collecting coffee chaff from Cirrus Fine Coffee Roastery, composting it and using it in the wicking beds.

Shout out to Ozharvest who are our partners in this project. They come and collect the food growing in our wicking beds, cook it up and provide meals for people across Melbourne.

It was exciting for us as a company to know that the work we are doing is garnering the attention of experts and the broader gardening and horticulture industry. With any luck we’ll have more Biofilta projects featured on Gardening Australia into the future!

Check out the segment here:

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