Foodcube, a solution for greening and activating streetscapes

Foodcube, a solution for greening and activating streetscapes

Location: Hampshire Road, Sunshine
Customer: Brimbank City Council
Installer: 2 Construct
Furniture Manufacturer: Commercial Systems Australia

Brimbank City Council is installing Foodcubes into a streetscape on Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

Our wicking beds are a great solution for cities like Melbourne that experience intermittent rainfall, water restrictions/shortages and even drought. Foodcubes are super water efficient and require very little maintenance. Rain water is captured and held in the reservoir in the base of the Foodcube so plants always have access to water with minimal additional watering required.

Commercial Systems Australia has designed the streetscape furniture to compliment the Foodcube. The chique design allows the Foodcube to perform a dual purpose, growing healthy plants while allowing pedestrians to sit, rest and enjoy the urban cooling benefits of the Foodcube on a hot summers day.

Can’t wait to see more of these modular garden systems popping up on streets around Australia.

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