Biofilta launches wicking bed at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Biofilta launches wicking bed at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Biofilta raises the bar for raised wicking garden beds.

After several years of hard work and persistence, Biofilta has finally launched our latest innovation. We have been working tirelessly to perfect the Foodcube, a Melbourne designed and manufactured urban farming system. The Foodcube has the potential to assist communities, housing estates, households and rooftops everywhere to grow fresh food, utilising rooftop rainwater and composted organics, to create resilient, closed loop, food secure neighbourhoods and cities.

There is just so much to get excited about with the Foodcube but the bottom line is that the Foodcube makes food growing SO MUCH EASIER. It has been designed so that you only spend a fraction of the time watering and weeding compared with conventional raised garden bed systems. We were also able to reduce the cost of this product through clever design and by switching our method of manufacturing. The Foodcube is now our cheapest raised garden bed per m2.

We launched the Foodcube at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on the 27th of March and it was a huge success. We had guests from the property development industry as well as teachers, architects, urban farmers, landscapers to name a few. It was a fantastic night and super inspiring to see so many people with a real interested in re-imaging cities like Melbourne to be more green, sustainable and productive.

We also had an installation for the full five days of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show as part of the Home and Garden of the Future. This was a collaborative exhibit put together by Biofilta and three other companies who are all pushing the boundaries of integrated sustainable living. Biofilta (urban food growing), The Cape (a sustainable property development), TSLC (a sustainable landscaping company) and Ecoliv (a modular prefab housing company) all came together to demonstrate how we can design homes and gardens to be sustainable without the enormous price tag.

Overall the exhibit was a huge success. Since the launch we’ve had a flood of interest and we are now set to deploy Foodcubes into households and urban farms across Australia and beyond.

Thank you so much to our friends at Ecoliv, The Cape and TSLC for your help throughout the event.

Look out for us at next years Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show!

 Biofilta foodcube

Foodcube wicking garden bed

The house garden of the future

Foodcube gathering

Children gardening at school with foodcube

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